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Alice Mizrachi, is an artist, curator, arts educator and YOUNITY founder.


I was 16 when I discovered art was my path. I was coming home from my studio art time at high school. I usually stayed late after school and one day while walking home. I saw cracks on the sidewalks that looked like people. That’s when I realized that everything is Art, and I’ve been on this journey ever since.


I never changed course, I have always been into ART.


YOUNITY was founded in New York City in 2007 by myself and Toofly. I built up my presence in the art world throughout the years of making art, showing art, and teaching art. YOUNITY allowed me to unite women artists globally and provide a platform for what we do.


It depends on the client. Most of my collectors and people who buy my work like to visit my studio, that’s how I usually sell work. As for teaching artist gigs, I get those mostly through referrals. I do work with youth, so they call or email me. The rest of my business, I would say is done via email.


I love seeing how people feel when they buy one of my pieces; it is truly inspiring and gives me energy to create more.


Follow what YOU love to do, make your own lane and focus on your growth cause that is what will differentiate you from the rest.


I visualize my dreams, write them down, talk about them and trick myself to believe they are happening and they do!


I think if we all do what we love and really focus on enriching our communities with those gifts our world would be a better place. If each one teaches one through example then we’d be good.


A queen is a woman who knows who she is and what she is here for and is willing to share those strengths with the world.


Frida Kahlo, Because through all her pain and suffering she still smiled and created beautiful work. She could have easily lived her life ’til the end doing nothing, but instead she endured and made the best with what she had.

A princess is a queen in training


Without women we wouldn’t be here so I would say our contributions are pretty important. We are mothers, sisters, daughters, fighters, lovers… etc. We contribute to the balance of this life.


My mom has had a great impact on me. She taught me all the basics on how to take care of myself. She taught me how to use my hands to create. I am blessed to have had such a nurturing childhood- my mom is DOPE!

If you’d like to take a look at Alice Mizrachi’s Art or learn more about Younity check out her current shows:

“Canceptual”- Crewest Gallery in Los Angeles, CA
September 8th to 25th
“GODDESShood”- Yonkers Public Library in New York
September 10th to December 4th
“Citizen Jane Mural”- Lower East Side, New York
September 10th


My Dear Fallen Heroes:

So many years have passed and it seems just like yesterday you never came back home on this day in September. First, I want to say that I miss you; we long for your presence and we mourn for you always. I thought by now we would have brought the people responsible for your death to justice, but I’m so sorry to have to tell you, I don’t think that has happened… I don’t know what justice looks like anymore.

Following the 11th, I have struggled to make my life full of purpose, and determined to never live in regret. I did my best to save people anyone I could get my hands on. I went to army recruitment centers to talk young men out of joining, telling them that war would be upon us, and they may never come back home if they sign up. I remember trying to explain to a young man that war is neither benefiting to him nor us. Now, ten years after the fact, I think those men now understand my reasons for my concern.

According to USA Today in January 2011, soldiers, both active duty and on inactive status, died by suicide at the rate of 25 per month in 2010, Army figures show. In November (2009) that suicides had doubled among National Guard soldiers who were on inactive duty in a year when the Army was seeing a slight decline among active-duty soldier suicides. The Army released final year-end statistics Wednesday. There were 301 confirmed or suspected soldier suicides in 2010, including those on active duty and reservists or National Guard troops on an inactive status, the Army reported Wednesday. This compares with 242 in 2009.
The Marine Corps reported a decline in suicides from 52 in 2009 to 37 confirmed or suspected cases in 2010. Among active-duty Army soldiers, there were 156 potential suicides in 2010, down slightly from 162 in 2009.

After escaping the towers and living that horrific day of war, the trauma left me in a state of haunting memories. It kept me wondering how I could honor your lives with my life? Did I do enough today to make my life count? It has been so hard for me to be at peace. This vicious cycle continued day in day out for years, and I would work myself into complete exhaustion.

Now that it’s been ten years, I am back at square one, asking myself, what have I done these last ten years of life that I’ve been spared to live? I want to tell you each and every lesson I learned, and tell you all about my wish to build purposeful ventures in business for our community; that I’m now a wife and a mother of two daughters, and I am loved every day. I’ve tried to be a model for those around me, but I still feel the pain of you not being with us and it still makes me feel inept. I am not a soldier, but if September 11th has left me with all these emotions, trauma and stigma, I can only imagine what our soldiers think of these past 10 years.

We cannot deny the emotional, physical and spiritual harm war does to us personally and collectively around the world. Our anger for what happened ten years and our grief, will never go away. But we can choose how to respond to this anger and choose how we act. With our social and financial problems at this time, it worries me that no leader is trying to dramatically end these wars. So many years of war, our soldiers need to be home with their families. We cannot afford these wars. We’re broke, and instead of considering ending these wars we consider cutting Veteran services, for them and their families. How can any leader dare to speak these words!

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Iraqi war can cost anywhere from 9 Billion to 13 Billion a month. That’s 156,000,000,000 Billion dollars a year, only for Iraq. We’ve been at war for 10 years now. The new jobs bill presented a day or two ago, is only 105 Billion, so basically less than one year of the Iraqi war, we could improve the incentives for job hiring in America.

It is Patriotic to save American Lives and our American Financial Lives too. This war, has brought us all to our knees, we have no jobs, we’re homeless, we have higher gas prices, we’re billions in debt, and we allow our soldiers to kill and be killed for empty campaign slogans.
It is time for us to heal, and to stop living in denial.

We were deceived to believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and Osama Bin Laden is dead. We cannot bring back our loved ones from September 11th and we can never bring back our fallen soldiers. Our lack of action for peace is making the suicide rate among soldiers rise. They rather not live this life, than continue killing and dying year in year out. “Among National Guard soldiers on inactive status in 2010, there were 101 confirmed or suspected suicides, more than double the 48 deaths among Guard members on inactive duty in 2009.” USA Today

In addition to soldier suicide rate rising, so is our debt for paying for these wars. Most of the contracts are not open bids, so there is no competition. There aren’t any methods set in place to verify that we (Our Country) got the services we paid for. There isn’t competitive bids, so people who have a relationship in place, like Halliburton who became KBR or Black Water who have become Xe, International Development Solutions or U.S. Training Center, still get the checks. The pentagon only has a 2% goal for enhancing competitive bids and they have no system in place to know the difference between these subsidiaries. It is betrayal to our soldiers and to all Americans to pay a private army more than our own soldiers, and with our tax dollars, adding more to our debt.

“According to data provided to the House panel, the average per-day pay to personnel Blackwater hired was $600. According to the schedule of rates, supplies and services attached to the contract, Blackwater charged Regency $1,075 a day for senior managers, $945 a day for middle managers and $815 a day for operators. An unmarried sergeant given Iraq pay and relief from U.S. taxes makes about $83 to $85 a day, given time in service. A married sergeant with children makes about double that, $170 a day. Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Baghdad overseeing more than 160,000 U.S. troops, makes roughly $180,000 a year, or about $493 a day. That comes out to less than half the fee charged by Blackwater for its senior manager of a 34-man security team.” by James Joyner, Outside the

After the 11th, I yearned for us to observe our anger, to stop our own suicidal tendencies and to stop our ill-intended economic policies, so we could look at ourselves and reflect. We may have caught our breath, but as a whole we continued with the same lifestyle and it has pushed us deeper into dysfunction, and economic collapse.

The emotional trauma that September 11th and these wars have caused will have a lasting impact, but we can choose to stop the bleeding and put pressure on our leaders to end them. These wars keep us unable to act for the future and each year September 11th re-opens our wounds. We are smarter than to let the pain of September 11th, re-ignite our anger and continue re-energizing these endless wars.

Although on this day what I feel is overwhelming grief, compassion, and gratefulness for life. I pray for forgiveness to our fallen heroes. Now that it is 10 years, I am writing today to ask you all, to please ACT and save lives. Please take all that you feel about this day, and tomorrow call your congress person (both Representative and Senator). Make it clear that we need to end these wars and have our soldiers back home. Let’s save the lives of our soldiers, something that is in our power to do now.

With all my love and heavy heart

I just got dropped by Anthony, his conversation got me motivated to write. I was remembering how I wanted to write about my experience regarding the 11th and then relate it to my view of our condition right now.

Because I wanted to put so many facts, I lost the momentum and trying to make a livelihood also added to my distraction. So many things have surfaced since the 11th that adds fuel to my fire but I don’t necessarily want to research all those findings. Sometimes I feel it just takes me away from my thoughts and feelings and doesn’t allow others to see me and understand my paradigm.

I’ve also gotten to the place where I believe in life so much that I don’t have to be secure like others. What is security? Have we changed or created this word so that our feelings are safe? How can this word exist when reality repeatedly shows us, there is no such thing.

We have seasons to remind us to never secure ourselves with a moment in time. Our change of climate tells us that nature is the all most powerful. Then we have people that come and go, and we don’t have any relationship secure in our midst. To add to that, death pursues us, though we never like to be at peace with this part of life, it still never stops. We all know we are going to die some day.

Security, why live for this? Why plan our lives into this mold, to enslave us in it and have people to remember you by it when it will all be taken away; sometimes by other places, sometimes by your decisions and at other times, due to just natural forces that must be and their beingness caused your security to flee. How can we live unattached and hopeless? It makes this world seem very impossible to come to grips with when we do this.

And yet there is so much suffering and peace that comes with our security being taken away. Yes, the mundane gets easily taken away when we lose our security and a beautiful light is lit. The freedom of life becomes alive, because you actually realize that you are alive and the fact that you are alive is priceless and oh so precious, what use to be important isn’t anymore. And your aliveness is what makes you understand that it can all end for you in an instant.

This is the aliveness that escaping death gives you. This intense energy, because you finally feel your energy inward and outwardly. You see how your energy impacts others and whether you understand it intellectually or just physically, you finally feel the power of self.

This power became intoxicating to me, because I began to do what I felt. Whatever right or wrong I felt, that was my truth and that was my reality. I no longer lived in the “Grey”. For what is grey? Basically taking time to decide, but when you feel alive and when you realize you only this moment, your time scale for weighing this or that becomes minuate. You soon start realizing you only have seconds to judge a situation, a person, what have you and you must cut off and decide. The pleasure of sitting on the fence no longer exists because you know that life also cuts off and so you must make a decision on the spot, right or wrong, with only your thoughts, your sensations and your emotions.

This type of living is also so freeing, because no longer is the perception of others a factor. When you feel compelled you act. Not worrying about, what others will think nor worrying about the reactions of others. You simply know, you will deal with the situation as it comes, just like life.

Many of our skin issues have to do with our internal health verses just what we put on our skin. If you have an acne issue, have you accepted your whole self? Acne is a result of disliking yourself and not accepting yourself. Take a moment and reflect on what Louise L. Hay says in her book, "Heal Your Body". Read this affirmation and internalize it: "I am a Divine expression of life. I love and accept myself where I am right now." Our body is one … Read More

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Manifesting What You Want.

Watching Your Own Dream Movie?

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Society

We have all heard of visual boards, you know putting pictures on a board of what you want to manifest in your life.

Well, Thank god for Natalie Ledwell and The Feminine Shift Sisters. They had a teleconference about creating, “Mind Movies”.

What would your movie look like? If it was all about the dream you want to live now?
With the music that inspires and the photos that bring those feelings to life? And also with the positive affirmations that articulate the feelings you feel now that you are finally living your dream?

With so many movies, music videos and commercials, don’t you think it’s time to make your own movie?

Well, if you want to create it now, you can go to:

Just another way to attract what you want!


Doing Energetic Work

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Spiritual

Being an avid journalist, personally that is, I have journals going back to the third grade. Though I haven’t documented my whole life, I am proud that I have written enough for our daughters to learn all my growing pains and learn from my wisdom.

Today, I had a wonderful opportunity to hear Robert Evans from the Messenger Network, one of the mentors of the Feminine Shift about attracting our desired destination and doing it by having a journaling conversation.

So you first, of course acknowledge a higher self or consciousness to the discussion. Then you start with questions and slowly the answers come, which lead to another question and then to answers all over again. Being able to observe yourself is also crucial.

It was amazing for me to learn that the way I have been writing my whole life uses this exact technique. When I wrote I usually had a dilemma, and with all my questions, I’d always end up with an answer or a few. I also always thank God, the Universe or my higher self for that moment.

So we may not all know each other, or have the same beliefs, but we do all have a connection, and his articulation over the call confirmed it for me.

To check out more go to:

As we enter the month of women, and begin the month of March 2011, let’s take a moment to stop and remember the women in our life.

Who brought you into this world? Who raised you? Who sustained you through thick and thin? And who keeps you inspired?

This month, I’d like to ask each and every one of you:

1. What would you do as a women to impact the world? Whether you’re a female or male, I’d like to know,
a) what you feel would shape this world and;
b) where you think most of women’s power lie and why?

May we march to the women that love us, and for them giving of themselves to create us and nourish us to our greatness!

We’ve been having a problem with bees in America for a few years now, each year declining. But now there is a wide spread epidemic of NO BEES. Bees still pollinate our food and continuing to allow farmers to use chemical toxins, is killing the bees, which is killing our food supply and yes, us too!

Please sign this petition and call your Senator/House of Representative so that corporations stop getting a pass to use pesticides. Bees are dying and we have no better way of naturally pollinating our food!!

So why is it, that when we hear about bees dying we don’t think about our ORGANIC foods? Most of us don’t really know what organic means? We know its expensive, hard to get too and it goes bad very fast. When times are hard, you just can’t afford it.

One of the most important attributes to Organic food, is that it is grown on natural land, that has not been tainted with a chemical to kill insects or to make the plant grow (bigger, brighter, etc.). It is strictly natural, you know, the way you were born?

Well even though we are organic and a carbohydrate! We as organic beings ourselves, can only digest Organic matter. Our bad health comes from putting toxic and artificial “things” in our body. So we have a real life scientific experiment in front of our eyes. We don’t even have to go to science class for this one.

The bees that pollinate our food are dying. Some studies show there is some type of “unhealthy-cancerous” matter in their colons. So basically, these bees are dying from what is being sprayed on the food. With this reality, don’t you think getting rid of the wild card “pesticides” as a part of farming process finally be removed from our food supply?

If you’re still think not convinced, do your own research on my following
REASONS we should demand our farms to keep our food supply NATURAL and ORGANIC:

1. We’re natural and can only live and consume matter in its natural state

2. Large Corporations, like Monsanto have patented Genetically Modified Foods (Scientifically Created/Altered/Mixed with another plant) and, when the wind blows there GM food pollinates the organic food and they end up owning all of it! Because they own the patent on that type of food! Yikes! Do you really want their food to be the only game in town?

3. Food Monopoly – Just like we don’t allow one company to control one industry; Monsanto shouldn’t be able to own our food supply. What do you think they are gonna charge? Or demand the government to subsidize them since they are the only option nationally, and global.

4. Genetically Modified food has not had a pre-market study before it was given to us and there is no long term evidence showing that food grown this way is healthy. Learn why Europe doesn’t allow genetically modified foods.

5. Pesiticides also ruin our dirt, and ruin our water supply; impacting another life sustaining element to our life and all LIFE = Healthy Clean Water!

Take a stand and demand our leaders to put attention into corporation practices and actions that affect our health, our water supply, the variety of food we can get, the price of food, and negatively taking Americans choice, our human right to live life and eat naturally!!!

Fight For Food!

Click here to automatically sign the petition asking the E.P.A. to immediately issue a ban on clothianidin.

There has been farmer’s markets sprouting up in different places and I’m sure people have heard, that eating locally grown food is good for you. Buy WHY?

I’ve taken the time to list reasons why you should support your country and it’s economy and start buying at least your produce at your local FARMERS MARKET. “Put your money, where your mouth is” and start forming a new way to EAT where you are!

REASONS to Buy Produce locally:
1. You learn to eat seasonally, which keeps your body in harmony with the environment.
Get a food based Nutrient!
(For example: buying local bee pollen for your shakes, helps with allergies and has
high concentrations of the B vitamin complex, and also contains Vitamins A, C, D, and E. Its composition is: approximately 35% protein, 55% carbohydrates, 2% fatty acids, and 3% minerals and vitamins. Because of its B vitamin complex, bee pollen is often taken for increasing energy and vitality.) But do YOUR RESEARCH!
2. You are supporting a small farming business where you live
3. You are reducing the pollution involved in getting fruits/vegetables from somewhere across the nation to you.
4. You will be removing unsafe, unregulated big polluting semi-trucks from our freeways; who also cause a lot of accidents.
5. Citizens pay for the roads and their maintenance, the food industry doesn’t pay into our Transportation system and they make the pot holes we pay taxes to fix them!
6. If for some reason, lets say WEATHER gets in the way of traveling; you have food available locally and won’t starve!!

BE GREEN and make a choice that helps your inside health and also your local economy.

Please comment where you live and what farmers market you go too! I’m sure it will help someone out. Thanks!